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National Surveys

EIM & IR prepares and submits numerous responses annually to a wide variety of surveys and formal requests from Federal and state agencies as well as independent and local organizations for statistical data and information concerning KSU. In many instances, we serve as KSU's reporting coordinator and consolidator, collecting and summarizing the requested data and information from the administrative units that are directly responsible for keeping such records.

Access to National Benchmarking

Kennesaw State University participates in a number of national benchmarking surveys. Enterprise Information Management and Institutional Reporting (EIM & IR) coordinates and completes these surveys each year. Some of the surveys that EIM & IR is responsible for include AAUP Faculty Salary Survey, CUPA-HR National Faculty Survey, IPEDS, and U.S. News and World Report Surveys, Please contact EIM & IR for assistance and passwords for these on-line surveys. A schedule of when the benchmark survey results are available can be found by clicking here.